Wave Wackers

Ride the new wave in fishing!

Wave Wackers high-contour design knocks down those chilly sprays and gusty winds during a long day on the water backtrolling.

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Custom made splash guards to fit your boat.

Each set of Wave Wackers is removable and will arrive fully assembled,
per your order, with instructions and screws for installation.

Wave Wackers Ultimate design allows easy, quick removal for travel, storage, and family water activities.
40 durometer ozone resistant extruded Santoprene rubber next to the motor, where it counts most.
Wave Wackers perform wave after wave. Contemporary styling blends with both aluminum or fiberglass boats.
1/4" virtually unbreakable grey-tinted Polycarbonate with Aluminum bracket and thumbscrews for easy removal.
Designed for tiller steering or remote steering. From the smallest to the largest outboard motors.
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Lund 1875 Pro Guide (2)
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Pro V (2)
Skeeter5lg Vantage
Warrior Vantage
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Kicker And Talon
Double Talon Outside (2)
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Talon Tip Down (2)
1910 Skeeter
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